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English Summer Cup Smoothie

Strawberries, mint and cucumber… they epitomise the flavour and mood of English summers. I love the English summer, it’s a very special time to be in England and witness the gardens, orchards and parks bloom with an explosion of pastel colours and a bouquet of divine scents, the smell of roses perfuming the air is intoxicating.

As a foreigner who grew up in very hot tropical climates, the most wonderful thing to observe about the English summer is how much it affects the behaviour of its inhabitants. The minute the sun is out, shining bright and reaching a temperature of about 18°C, that’s it- everyone’s out in shorts, mini skirts, flip flops and very little else congregating on any stretch of greenery in sight. It’s so amusing to watch this parade of sun worshippers get so excited about a few rays. And the funniest thing of all is that despite the fact that I grew up with an abundance of sunshine in Hong Kong and Florida and would in fact hide away from the sun most of the day as it was just too hot and such a commonplace commodity that could be enjoyed whenever you wanted. Now that this resource is rare, I too have become one of these sun worshippers. Any opportunity to bask in the sunshine I take. Perhaps it’s due to a vitamin D deficiency accumulated from the winter time. Who knows? But it feels so good. For my tips on how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful in the sun, please see here for my post on Natural Beach Beauty.

And what better companion to a park picnic than this English Summer Cup Smoothie: strawberries, mint, cucumber blended with almond milk to create a dreamy drink that will transport you to an English garden wherever you are in the world. Of course, try to buy (or pick) strawberries that are grown locally to you. Better for your health, better for your tastebuds and better for the planet! 


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English Summer Cup Smoothie

Serves 2


  • 200g local strawberries, washed but keep green tops 
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • handful of mint leaves (approx 12 leaves)
  • 250ml homemade almond milk (or next best available: Plenish, Rude Health are the better ones)
  • a dash of honey for sweetness if needed, optional 


  1. Place all your ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. (If using a Magimix Le Blender, simply leave on Smoothie setting and allow it to finish for the creamiest smoothie). 
  2. Enjoy your summer in a cup.