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Green Power Smoothie

A Green Smoothie A Day REALLY Keeps the Doctor Away

Green smoothies are such an awesome way to start the day and such an act of self-love! The energy and nutrients these bad boys deliver is just incredible. I feel more energised, satisfied and generally happier on my green smoothie days. The best part is that they are so delicious, as you can pack lots of green goodness in there without realising like you're having kale for breakfast, as it's all masked by the lovely fruits. It can seem daunting at first to get all the ingredients and blender out, but once you get in the habit, it is very easy and quick. Just throw everything in a blender and you have the healthiest, most nutritious breakfast in a glass!

Green smoothies boost your energy levels and immune system like no other breakfast ever could. I pack my smoothies with any combination of superfoods such as avocado, maca, lucuma, spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella, hemp protein, quinoa flakes, flaxseed, chia, ginger... These ingredients give you an amazing amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and B vitamins, all of which are so important for the healthy functioning of your body. When I have my green power smoothie in the morning, I feel fuller longer and have much more energy and clarity of mind throughout the day!

Avocado gives the smoothie a creamy, delicious texture. Medjool dates sweeten it naturally. Chia seeds keep you fuller longer and are a powerhouse of nutrition! My favourite recent discovery is the use of hot water when using frozen fruit, especially in winter. Even in summer, it doesn't feel right starting the day with an ice cold drink and my Chinese ancestors would agree...

Traditional Chinese Medicine experts believe that when cold drinks are ingested, our bodies have to counteract the temperature difference in order to preserve a suitable environment for our digestive enzymes to function well. When cold beverages enter the esophagus, it encounters the warm vaporized fluid in the lungs. The result is phlegm formed in the lungs, which lowers lung function and capacity. Prolonged ingestion of cold drinks can cause coughs, susceptibility to flu or other illnesses, dry skin and numerous other symptoms. Moreover, the phlegm blocks the free flow of energy up and down the body which can impair the affected person’s ability to maintain a normal temperature.

So boil a cup or two of fresh filtered water and use this as the base for your green smoothie, as it will raise the temperature of the smoothie. Another super tip is to add some frozen ginger for a delicious heaty kick for a super immunity boost!

Green Power Smoothie

Makes 2 glasses


1 small avocado

1 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries (I use this) OR 1 cup of fresh kiwi/mango/pineapple (I use this)

1/2 a cup of boiling water (replace with room temperature water in warmer months)

1 cup of fresh almond milk, any Rude Health plant milk, coconut water, water or boiling water

1 tb of chia seeds

1 tb of ground flaxseed

1 tb of maca powder

1 tb of lucuma powder

1 tb of spirulina/barleygrass/chlorella/wheatgrass powder

a handful of kale or spinach

1 tb ginger (I use this)


1 tb quinoa flakes

2-4 medjool dates or a drizzle of pure maple syrup

1 tb of almond butter

few mint leaves


1. Pour liquid of choice in blender first.

2. Then place rest of the ingredients.

3. Blend until smooth.

Green Smoothie Power to You!