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Chestnut Cake with Homemade Crème de Marrons

It's that magical time of year... when the air gets colder, the soft jumpers come out and baking begins in earnest in the Bain-Marie kitchen. I have been dreaming of recreating this childhood Christmas family recipe of mine for years and this year it has happened. Since I was a child my mum has always rustled up what she calls the 20 minute bush.

A Buche à la Crème de Marrons is the most magical and dreamy cake of all and this year it has come to life as an Ode to a Chestnut. Not only is the crème de marrons homemade with delicious whole chestnuts, the sponge is made with gorgeously sweet and nutty chestnut flour (not refined white wheat flour), and this cake is something to write home about. Light, fluffy and oozing a Christmas decadence and rustic simplicity simultaneously. 

Happy Buche Making dear friends! If "buching" doesn't take your fancy or may be too ambitious for this year, simply make it as a whole cake round, heart-shaped whatever you like.